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Oh hello

2015-01-24 02:53:57 by CrunchyyBeast

Hey there! Since I'm back to animating I might start posting animations here again. So uhh yeah~

Christmas Animation

2012-11-28 19:27:43 by CrunchyyBeast

Hello guys. So Christmas will be here soon and i wanna do an animation, but i dont wanna do one of those videos where the kids find the santa, he gives them presents, they were happy, bla bla. I'm gonna be making a fighting animation, where my character, Crunchy, and Santa will be fighting! Most of it will be animated frame by frame, some effects, super powers, that sort of stuff. So I'm gonna be animating this through the month of december, and i'll try uploading it before christmas. Woo!

Workin' on some stuff.

2012-10-01 14:38:58 by CrunchyyBeast

Hey you guys. Lately i've been working on some intros and cartoons for some bigger youtube channels, so i can more easily spread the word about my channel, crunchyybeast .
If you're not already subbed dont miss another second, go subcribe now! :D

Its here! c:

2012-09-01 19:10:04 by CrunchyyBeast

So i've been working on this for the last like 9 or 10 days and its done. I hope you like my new animation, its about Pollution (preventing it :3 ) and it was animated for tve. Review and vote what you think it deserves! :D

'Sup Newgrounds.

2012-08-24 20:08:20 by CrunchyyBeast

Im gonna be releasing a new animation of mine about pollution. Its gonna be up the next month (September) and its gonna be the biggest project I've done in a while (i procrastinate a lot). So yeah, i hope you enjoy it when it comes out, peace.

'Sup Newgrounds.